Isabelle Fuhrman joins ‘Tape’


Isabelle Fuhrman joins Tape!

he Hunger Games actress Isabelle Fuhrman has been tapped as the lead in Full Moon Films’ indie drama Tape, along with Thom Bishops (The TaleTime Out of Mind) and tyro Annarosa Mudd. Deborah Kampmeier is directing the film from her own script, and will also produce the project with Veronica Nickel (First Match) from Full Moon.

Based on a true story, the pic follows a young, ambitious actress (Fuhrman), who meets a producer (Bishops) at an open call audition. Taken with her, he invites her to his hotel to discuss another role. What he doesn’t know is that another actress (Mudd), is waiting to exact her revenge against him.

Source: Deadline