Jacob Artist Joins ‘Misfortune’


Jacob Artist is joining John Cusack in Misfortunes!jacob-artist

Jacob Artist, best known for his role as Jake Puckerman in Fox’s musical series Glee, has booked the lead alongside John Cusack in Misfortune. Ellar Coltrane and Willa Fitzgerald co-star in the thriller directed by Lucky McGee with Lee Nelson and David Buelow of Envision Media Arts as producers.

Written by Jared Butler and Lars Norberga, the pic follows three childhood friends who stumble upon a bag of cash, which belongs to Miller (Cusack), a sharp, quick-witted businessman who has left everything behind to start a new life after embezzling a client’s money. As the three try to outrun the white collar criminal hellbent of retrieving his cash, their greed soon turns them against each other.

Source: Deadline