Jacob Tremblay, Christopher Lloyd & Kenan Thompson To Star in 3D-Animated Film

Jacob Tremblay

Lani Pixels has announced the casting of Jacob Tremblay, Christopher Lloyd and Kenan Thompson for their upcoming untitled 3D animated film.

The untitled feature follows Patrick and Susan as they attempt to rescue their grandfather, Mr. Campbell, from supernatural forces that have invaded his isolated island. Guided by Jack, a charming Irish rogue, the siblings end up on a dangerous journey filled with magic and mystery. Production and additional casting are currently underway.

“It is an honor to be working with such a talented and dynamic cast on this project,” said Kim Pagel. “While this has been a passion project for many years, the themes of family unity and courage in the face of adversity are particularly important these days.”

“When we founded Lani Pixels it was our dream to tell exceptional stories and produce feature films that resonate with an international audience,” said Thomas Pagel. “Thanks to our production team, that dream is becoming a reality. While this project is the culmination of years of hard work, it is really just the beginning.”