Jake Cannavale & Angelique Rivera join ‘Eat, Brains, Love’


Jake Cannavale and Angelique Rivera have joined the cast of Eat, Brains, Love!

Jake Cannavale (Nurse Jackie), Angelique Rivera (American Crime), and Sarah Yarkin (American Horror Story) have been tapped to star in the indie comedy,Eat, Brains, Love, the Rodman Flender-directed film adaptation of Jeff Hart’s zombie road trip novel. In addition, Jim Titus, Patrick Fabian, Ty Headlee,  Kristin Daniel, and Kym Jackson round out the cast.

The pic follows zombie virus-infected high school seniors Jake and Amanda as they run from Cass, a psychic sent by the government to track them down, and search for a cure for their affliction.

Source: Deadline