Jared Leto To Star In ‘The Outsider’


Jared Leto has been cast for the lead role in The Outsider!
jared leto

It pays to remember that Oscar winner Jared Leto doesn’t star in movies very often, and tends to be particular about the roles he takes. Prior to this summer’s appearance as The Joker in “Suicide Squad,” the actor’s last big screen turn was in “Dallas Buyer’s Club” three years ago. So it’s a little surprising the actor is lining up a new movie so quickly, but clearly, it’s something that has caught his attention enough to sign on.

THR reports that Leto will star in the thriller “The Outsider.” Penned by Andrew Baldwin (“Bastille Day”), this post-WWII movie is set in Japan and follows a jailed American soldier who is freed by his Yakuza cellmate, and must navigate the criminal underworld and repay his debt. Sounds like it has some solid potential. And as a reader reminds us, this project was initially set up as a project for Tom Hardy and director Takashi Miike.

Source: Indie Wire