‘Java Heat’ Starring Kellan Lutz to Show at 2013 Dallas International Film Festival


Java Heat featuring Kellan Lutz, will be shown at the 2013 Dallas International Film Festival in April. For information, please see their website here.



Writer/Director Conor Allyn, returns to the Dallas International Film Festival with a smart action-packed thriller set in the beautiful and sometimes dangerous Indonesian island of Java.

Jake Travers (Kellan Lutz) is an American teacher’s assistant who survives a terrorist bomb that kills the daughter of the most powerful figure in the country. As a key witness, Jake is placed under the watchful eye of Indonesian policeman Hashim. In true buddy cop movie form, neither see eye-to-eye, but Jake has a secret and Hashim is determined to find it out and solve the case. The one thing standing in their way is cunning thief and crime boss, Malik (Mickey Rourke), who will do everything within his power to ensure that his master plan is carried out.

Look Cinema 5 – Thursday 4/4, 08:30pm
Angelika 6 – Friday 4/5, 10:30pm

Via: Kellan Lutz Online