Jeff Bridges Confirmed to Film Adaptation of ‘The Giver’ by Lois Lowry


A film adaptation based on Lois Lowry’s YA novel The Giver has been in the works for several years. Now it appears things are moving ahead with the involvement of Jeff Bridges. Here is what Studio 360 is reporting.


Jeff Bridges has been interested in making a film of The Giver since the 1990s, when Lois Lowry’s dark science fiction novel for young adults was a bestseller. The story has yet to shoot. But yesterday in an interview with Kurt Andersen, Lowry confirmed that the film has a green light.

“I’ve just heard within the past couple of days that The Giver, which they’ve been trying to make into a movie for 15 years, is finally on the road,” she told Andersen. “Things have ratcheted up, and they have producers and money and a director and a star. They hope to start shooting it in the spring.” Jeff Bridges will play the Giver, the powerful elder who holds all of his community’s memories. “As we speak,” Lowry said, “they’re interviewing young boy actors for the role of Jonas,” the 12-year-old who is chosen as the Receiver of those memories, and learns the appalling secrets behind his community’s orderly, peaceful way of life.