Jesse Eisenberg joins ‘Resistance’


Jesse Eisenberg joins Resistance!

Jesse Eisenberg is set to play legendary mime Marcel Marceau in Resistance, a film written and directed by Jonathan Jakubowicz that will focus on Marceau’s involvement in the French resistance during WWII. The film is said to be in the vein of Life Is Beautiful, where comedy is used as a tool for children to survive the most dramatic situations imaginable.

Claudine Jakubowicz and Carlos Garcia de Paredes produce and will put together the financing. Title is being set up as a European co-production and Baptiste Marceau, the mime’s oldest son, has been closing involved in the research of the film and will serve as an exec producer.

Marceau learned to mime to survive and to save the lives of Jewish orphans whose parents had just been killed by the Nazis. He was born Marcel Mangel and grew up speaking Yiddish as the son of a Kosher butcher from Strasbourg. His father was eventually killed in Auschwitz.

Source: Deadline