Jessica Chastain In Negotiations For DARK PHOENIX


Jessica Chastain is currently in talks to appear in the next X-Men Universe film – Dark Phoenix.

Dark Phoenix centers on the telepathic Jean Grey, played by Game of Throne’s Sophie Turner, and the much-feared Phoenix force. The story originated in the 1976-77 comic book series “Uncanny X-Men” when Grey is exposed to deadly radiation after returning from a mission in space. Chastain would play Lilandra, who heads an alien empire called the Shi’ar.

Simon Kinberg who is known for writing several of the X-Men films will step up to the director’s chair for this project.

For X-Men fans check your calendars for the following dates Deadpool 2 on June 1, 2018; X-Men spinoff The New Mutants, which opens April 13, 2018; and Dark Phoenix for Nov. 2, 2018. Fox are seeking to make their really cement their extended cinematic universe.