Jon Chu Tapped to Direct Disney’s YA Adaptation ‘Matched’


Empire is reporting that director Jon Chu will now be the director for the YA adaptation of the novel Matched by Ally Condie.


Matched is set in a dystopian future in which people’s lives are ordained – including who and when they can marry – and dictated by state-calculated algorithms. But before you can say “Urgh, maths”, 17 year-old Cassia goes all Katniss Everdeen and decides that this dystopia malarkey isn’t for her. From there, true love battles state repression in the spirit of Equilibrium meets The Hunger Games meets eHarmony.

The book sparked a bidding war when it was released back in 2010, and Disney will be hoping that a successful adaptation will launch a franchise. In follow-ups Crossed and Reached, there’s ready-made sequel material.