Josh Dallas Talks about David’s Giant Problem in ‘Once Upon a Time’



Once Upon A Time star Josh Dallas talks about the upcoming David-Goliath showdown and the showdown at home on Once Upon A Time. 

TVLINE | I’m not sure why we’re even talking, since with Emma and Mr. Gold out of town, everything must be pretty quiet in Storybrooke, no?
Of course! It’s always quiet in Storybrooke. [Chuckles] No, not quite. Of course, Cora is in town, and being who she is she has found an ingenious way of transporting a giant (played again by Lost‘s Jorge Garcia) on the pirate ship. And upon David and Anton meeting, Anton gets very violent and assumes David is someone he is not. It’s a case of mistaken identity, and it’s up to the Storybrooke crew to try and convince Anton that David is not who he thinks he is — and, as he is wreaking havoc on the town, try to convince him that this place isn’t all that bad. Indeed, it could be a place he could stay forever.

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Source:  TV Line