Josie Bissett To Star In ‘Pregnant At 17’ On Lifetime


Check out this casting news for ‘Pregnant At 17’ on Lifetime!


Melrose Place alum Josie Bissett has landed a starring role in original telefilm Pregnant At 17 from NB Thrilling Filmsset to debut on Lifetime in first quarter 2016.

Bissett plays Sonia Clifton, a veterinarian who discovers that her husband is having an affair. She becomes obsessed with finding out more about the woman, Chelsea, (Zoe De Grand Maison), and she soon learns that she is 17 and pregnant. Empathizing with the soon-to-be teen mother, Sonia becomes Chelsea’s unlikely champion.

Executive producers are Pierre David, Tom Berry, Neil Bregman and Christine Conradt. Producers are Donald M. Osborne and Curtis James Crawford, with Steve Boisvert serving as supervising producer. Curtis James Crawford is directing the script by Christine Conradt. Production is underway in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Source: Deadline