Kat Graham Talks Bonnie’s Potential Love Interests and More In Interview With Alloy Entertainment



Kat Graham talks about potential love interests, returning to power and more in her interview with Alloy Entertainment.

Alloy Entertainment: Bonnie and Jeremy have been getting quite chummy lately. Are there still sparks between them and how will she be helping him with his hunter duties?

Kat Graham: She’s going to be partnering up with Jeremy. I  can’t reveal for what exactly, but I can say that he’s a huge love of hers, and that he is going to play a factor in who she wants to be with. I mean, if she can date anyone that is — which she’s not at the moment. Their relationship is still healing though and they’re rebuilding the trust between them. Who knows — maybe her collaboration with Jeremy will begin to evolve into something more. 

Alloy Entertainment: Fans noticed that Kol and Bonnie had a moment when they locked eyes in “After School Special.” What are your thoughts on a possible pair up between Bonnie and a badass Original?

Kat Graham: [laughs] Listen. Every person knows that I’m huge Nathaniel Buzolic fan and that he’s one of my good, good friends. We’ve been ready for our characters to at least have more scenes together and they definitely do in Season 4. While I can’t say whether or not they’re hooking me with anyone period, let alone an Original, I would love to see it happen. It might not though because maybe they’re trying to preserve that side of Bonnie for later? I don’t know.

Alloy Entertainment: We just saw the new images released for TVD episode 4.12, “A View to a Kill” and have to say they’re pretty intense! Should expect a scary showdown between Bonnie and Kol?

Kat Graham:You’ll definitely witness some interactions between those two. Will they be showdowns? You’re going to have to watch. [Laughs] Bonnie has had quite a few showdowns in that school hallway.

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Source:  Alloy Entertainment