Kristen Bell Set To Host ABC’s ENCORE


Kristen Bell is set to host community theatre reality show Encore.

Encore is a documentary style special that follows one high school class, 20 years later, as they prepare to re-stage their senior class musical for a one-night only engagement. Bell is herself a veteran of the theatre community with more than a decade in productions before her breakout TV role on Veronica Mars.

Kristen Bell spoke to Variety about the upcoming ABC show:

“For me, just speaking personally, the theater community is kind of like the mom community. When you know someone else has been through it, you just know them. You see them more clearly. You kind of have this wink and a smile, like, ‘Me, too.’ There’s a love amongst theater nerds that doesn’t exist anywhere else, so it was very easy to be let in by a group of people that I’d never met before because we shared this common ground.”

Look for Encore on Sunday December 10, 2017