Kristen Stewart Joins Elizabeth Banks in ‘The Big Shoe’


News broke today that Kristen Stewart will be joining Elizabeth Banks in the upcoming film The Big Shoe from the creator of Secretary.

Kristen Stewart

Though Joaquin Phoenix was attached at one point, Jim Sturgess is starring in the film, which Shainberg wrote with Mickey Birnbaum. The plot finds him as a gifted (and foot fetishy) shoe designer who wants to keep his work pure, but faces pressure from his overbearing family to turn his carefully crafted creations into mass-market products.

In order to tempt him towards the idea, his mother (Susan Sarandon, if she signs) hires psychotherapist Mary Kay (Banks) and sexy muse Delphi (Stewart) in the hopes that it’ll get his creative, er, juices, flowing.

Source: Empire