Lionsgate Executives Compare ‘Divergent’ Movie to ‘The Hunger Games’


While speaking with Wall Street analysts about their upcoming project, ‘Divergent’, Lionsgate executives compare the film to ‘The Hunger Games’ hoping for the same success as the earlier release of the dystopian thriller.

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They clearly want investors to salivate over the prospect of another hit on the order of The Hunger Games. But they don’t want the Street to believe that the studio will blithely slap the Divergent name on the Hunger Games playbook. CEO Jon Feltheimer noted that, like Hunger Games, the new film — also based on a book series for children and young adults that anticipates a dystopian future — will open in midMarch (specifically, March 21, 2014). Divergent’s book sales “are approaching the 3M mark and continue to compare favorably to The Hunger Games and Twilight franchises at a similar point in their trajectory,” he says.

The article also mentions key differences between the book adpatations in the article – check it out at Deadline.