Live Action Sonic The Hedgehog Film Moving Forward


Sonic The Hedgehog is getting a film adaption developed by Paramount Pictures.

Sonic The Hedgehog is arguably one of the two most popular video game characters of all times and helped launch the Sega Genesis (Megadrive in Europe and Japan). Sonic has sold more than 360 million copies since its initial game launch in 1991 across multiple platforms including mobile.

Jeff Fowler will direct the film which is described as a mix of live action and CGI will be the first time character will be seen in film after several TV adaptions. Deadpool director Tim Miller will serve as executive producer, along with Toby Ascher. Dmitri Johnson and Dan Jevons will be the co-producers.

The game features a hedgehog named Sonic on a quest to defeat Doctor Robotnik, a scientist who has imprisoned animals in robots and stolen magical Chaos Emeralds.