Mark Waters Set To Direct ‘Blood Sisters’


Mark Waters is set to direct Blood Sisters, the first in a series of six Vampire Academy books written by Richelle Mead.

Vampire Academy

We thought vampires were dead and gone, having been slowly phased out of relevance by zombies and witches, but apparently Mark Waters (“Mean Girls”, “Spiderwick Chronicles”) is making a last-ditch effort at post- ‘Twilight’ vampire revival by directing “Blood Sisters,” the first in a series of six “Vampire Academy” books written by Richelle Mead. The director’s brother, Dan Waters, will write the screenplay. Dan’s writing credits include “Batman Returns” and “Heathers,” so both halves of the duo have contributed to some classic teen-targeted material. It’ll be interesting to see whether they can bring the edge of “Mean Girls” and “Heathers” to a fantasy series.

According to Variety, the story of “Blood Sisters” is set at St. Vladimir’s Academy in Montana and centers on Rose Hathaway, a 17-year-old half-human half-vampire, or “dhampir,” who must guard the Moroi race of peaceful mortal vampires from the Strigoi, a race of bloodthirsty immortal vampires. Sounds like more of the complex hierarchical structure and backwoods U.S. setting that have become conventional for the genre, so we’re hoping (faintly) for some surprises once more information emerges.

Zoey Deutch (“Beautiful Creatures”) and Australian actress Lucy Fry are attached to play the two female leads, Rose and Lissa, while Russian actor Danila Kozlovski will play someone named Dimitri. Production begins this summer.

Source: Indiewire