Marvel Phase Two Preview Teaser & ‘Iron Man 3’ TV Spot; ‘The Avengers 2’ to Shoot Early 2014


Here is the Marvel Phase Two preview trailer, a new ‘Iron Man 3’ TV spot, and details about ‘The Avengers 2’ being set to shoot early 2014.

The Avengers

First up, the delayed Marvel Phase One box finally hits stores today, and among the plethora of goodies is a promise of a preview for Phase Two. Well, until that eventually makes its way online, a teaser for the preview (yes, marketing has gone insane) has dropped and it’s pretty dry, with a bunch of talking heads and old footage (though Iron Man does do a flip in a scene from the new movie). A bit more exciting is a new “Iron Man 3” TV spot, which has Tony Stark calling out Mandarin by saying….he’s not a man! Oooh! Burn sauce! But mostly, it promises an epic outing and reminds everyone there are just four weeks until May 3rd.

Lastly, the superhero shingle has booked Pinewood-Shepperton studios in the U.K. for early 2014. That’s right,Joss Whedon will get to work on “The Avengers 2,” the sequel to his billion dollar box office blockbuster, though of course exact casting, plot and all that other stuff is being kept firmly under wraps until Marvel decides to let you know. “The Avengers 2” hits May 1, 2015.

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