Max Irons Cast as Lead in Lone Scherfig’s ‘Posh’


In the middle of his work promoting his newest film The Host, we have some news concerning Max Irons’ future projects. The young Brit has signed on to director Lone Scherfig’s film adaptation of the Laura Wade play that launched Kit Harington (Game of Thrones) into stardom. Shooting is scheduled to begin in May.


The story centers around ten members of an exclusive Oxford University dining club known as The Riot Club, who rent out a country pub’s dining room for their termly dinner. Their president is about to leave University and the event soon becomes a boozy and boisterous affair, with things getting increasingly out of hand. Many have read the play as a thinly veiled cypher for the real-life Bullingdon Club who have a reputation for drinking heavily and trashing nice places…and that club just so happens to boast former members including the current Prime Minister, Chancellor, and Mayor of London. The subject matter and young male cast have also led some to make comparisons to Alan Bennett‘s “The History Boys,” and we wouldn’t bet against this adaptation being just as stagey as the film version of that, unless Scherfig and Wade have found a way to really open it up.

There’s no news on which character Irons will be playing in the ensemble, and we’re not going to speculate. Other reports have linked a number of other erudite Brits to roles including Douglas Booth, Sam Clafin and Robert Pattinson, although the suggestion is that Pattinson in particular is being pursued but may not be interested.

Source: IndieWire