Millie Bobby Brown Set To Narrate VR Series SPHERES


Millie Bobby Brown is set to lend her voice to Darren Aronosky’s new VR project Spheres.

Spheres will premiere at the Venice Film Festival, it is described as an interactive journey inspired by the iconic “Pale Blue Dot” image of planet Earth. Antoine Cayrol, Pierre Zandrowicz, Arnaud Colinart and Fred Volhuer at Paris-based outfit Atlas V produced the show in collaboration with Aronofsky and Ari Handel, who exec produced for Protozoa. Oculus, Crimes of Curiosity and Kaleidoscope also backed the series.

Antoine Cayrol had this to say about Millie Bobby Brown and her involvement in Spheres:

“It’s fantastic to have Millie Bobby Brown narrate the second episode of ‘Sphere’ – not just because she’s very talented but also because she has a huge following amongst millenials, which is our target demo with VR experiments like ‘Spheres,’”