More ABC Cancellations News: The Muppets, Marvel’s Most Wanted


ABC can’t keep themselves out of the headlines this week, this time with two more cancellations including for one show none of us have even seen yet.


The first show to receive the axe is The Muppets (Did no one else see this as likely, just me?) which is bidding adieu after its revival only lasted a single season thanks to a 2/3 falloff of viewers from premiere to finale.


The second show to bite the dust is the Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD spinoff that never actually was – Marvel’s Most Wanted, in one way this is a fairly impressive show having now been cancelled for the second time after being put on ice this time last year. This decision however comes as a bit of a surprise to most Marvel watchers as the leads for this Bobbi Morse/Mockingbird and Lance Hunter were written off of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD seemingly to allow the characters to be availble for this new show. Awkward.

With Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD already signed up for a fourth season perhaps the creative powers that be can somehow walk that decision back as they were undoubtedly two of the most popular characters on the team.