Morgan Spector & Mackenzie Astin join ‘Homeland’


Morgan Spector and Mackenzie Astin joins the cast of Homeland!

Homeland is restocking its ensemble before diving into another season of high-stakes spy games: The Emmy-winning thriller has added two actors to its Season 7 cast, TVLine has learned.

First up is Morgan Spector (Boardwalk Empire, Person of Interest), who will be a series regular in Season 7 as Dante Allen, an old friend of Carrie’s who is looking into the hundreds of people President Keane has detained following last season’s assassination attempt. (Season 6 ended with that assassination attempt, and an increasingly paranoid Keane shutting Carrie out of her inner circle.)

In addition, Mackenzie Astin will recur as a guest star next season, playing Carrie’s brother-in-law Bill, who leaves a university teaching job to work for President Keane’s administration. (Hmmm… maybe he can help Carrie find a way back into Keane’s good graces?) A child star in the 1980s (The Facts of Life), Astin’s recent TV roles include Scandal and The Magicians.

Source: TV Line