Musical Comedy DUMPLIN Adds Bex Taylor-Klaus, Dove Cameron & Luke Benward


Musical comedy Dumplin has added a number of actors to the production in the forms of Dove Cameron (The Descendants 2) , Luke Bernard and Bex Taylor-Klaus (Scream: The TV Series).


The film stars Jennifer Aniston, Danielle Macdonald and Odeya Rush. It follows Willowdean (Macdonald), nicknamed Dumplin, a confident, plus-sized teen who, to spite her beauty pageant queen mom (Aniston), enlists in a local pageant. What starts as an impulsive one-day protest snowballs as Will inadvertently becomes the inspiration for a ragtag group of teenage outcasts joining the pageant.

Also joining the cast are Maddie Baillio, Georgie Flores, and Ginger Minj (RuPaul’s Drag Race). Production has just begun in Atlanta, Georgia.