NBC Pilots Comedy Roundup


Let’s break down the Pilot season news from NBC so far with a number of new comedy offering from noted comedy actors.


Read on for a summary of what to expect so you can choose which show or shows you want to root for. Creators and contributors include Mindy Kaling, Tina Fey and Bill Lawrence.

Spaced Out, from WBTV and Loawrence’s studio-based Doozer, is a workplace comedy that centers on a working class genius and his struggles to fit in with an established team all made more difficult when their job is building a rocket to Mars. Sztykiel executive produces with Doozer’s Lawrence and Jeff Ingold.

Written by Kaling and Grandy, the untitled Grandy/Kaling comedy centers on Vince, a charismatic gym owner with no ambition who lives with his younger brother Michael, a gorgeous idiot. Their simple life of women and working out is put on hold when the teenage son of Vince is dropped off on their doorstep by Priya (Kaling as a recurring guest star), one of his old high school flings.

The Sackett Sisters is about two estranged sisters who perform a Sully Sullenberger-esque act of public heroism, then are forced to navigate their new found notoriety together.


SOURCE: Deadline.com