Netflix GODLESS Casting Roundup


Netflix Western Godless has made a string of casting announcements and we have the details.


Joining the limited series are Merritt Weaver, Jeremy Bobb, Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Jeff Daniels alongside previously announced Jack O’Connell.

Godless is a Western set in an 1800s New Mexico mining town. Frank Griffin (Jeff Daniels), the menacing leader of notorious gang is searching for Roy Goode (O’Connell), once like a son to him, is now his mortal enemy. Weaver is Mary Agnes, the brash widow of the late mayor of Le Belle, NM, a town where all of the men have died in a mining accident. Bobb plays A.T. Grigg, the editor of the Santa Fe Dailey Review, who has been obsessed for years with writing about the Griffin Gang. Brodie-Sangster portrays Whitey Winn, the town deputy. Devoted to both books and the sheriff, Whitey is afraid of no one, but is still a boy more than a man and has a lot to learn.