New Clip from ‘Supporting Characters’ with Alex Karpovsky (Girls) and Arielle Kebbel (The Vampire Diaries)


Here is a clip of Supporting Characters starring Girls’ Alex Karpovsky and The Vampire Diaries’ Arielle Kebbel. The film is available on VOD January 23, 2013 and limited theatrical release January 25, 2013.


From director Daniel Schechter (who co-wrote the script with Lowe, and is gearing up to helm the “Jackie Brown” prequel “Switch”), the film tells the story of two best friends Nick (Karpovsky) and Darryl (Lowe) who are brough in to edit and salvage a film when the director (Corrigan) goes AWOL. But that is just the beginning of their troubles as Nick begins falling for the film’s young star (Kebbel) even though he’s engaged to be married, while Darryl tries to keep his own relationship with his girlfriend from flying off the rails. But as you can see in this exclusive clip, it won’t be easy, as temptation is not too far away. (Playlist)