New Clip From ‘Wiener-Dog’


Things get awkward in this new clip from Wiener-Dog!

Premiering earlier this year at Sundance, “Wiener-Dog” has been a film that many people have been eagerly awaiting. From Writer/Director Todd Solondz, “Weiner-Dog” is a black comedy telling four seemingly separate stories that are linked by the titular dog. To give you a look at the movie beyond the recent trailer, EW debuted a clip from the film, featuring Greta Gerwig and Kieran Culkin.

It’s clear that the director’s eccentric style seen in his previous films has carried over to this project as well. “Wiener-Dog” also can be viewed as a pseudo-sequel to perhaps Solondz’s best known film, “Welcome to the Dollhouse.” Dawn Wiener, played by Heather Matarazzo in ‘Dollhouse,’ returns in the new film, and is now seen here incarnated by Gerwig.

Source: The Playlist