New Ghostbusters’ Trailer Released


A new trailer for the Ghostbusters has been released. Watch it below!

This is probably not the position Sony wants to be in with “Ghostbusters” at the moment. Right now, the conversation about the movie isn’t really about the content, so much as the perception and reception of the movie, as powered by a very loud niche voice of nerds whose supposed childhood are ruined because women are wearing proton packs. God forbid. But the studio will have to power through and hope the mainstream ignores that noise and just shows up to buy tickets.

Thus, Sony will have to really get their marketing game going, and for now, I’d argue they still have some distance to go. The trailers are still somewhat underwhelming (regardless of gender) but there’s still over a month to go before the “Ghostbusters” opens, so plenty of time to try a different approach. But for right now, they’re sticking to what we’ve seen so far, as evidenced in this Japanese trailer, which offers a bit more footage from the movie which takes the franchise a step forward, but still leans backwards, hitting certain series elements for a dose of nostalgia.

“Ghostbusters” opens on July 15th.

Source: The Playlist