New Home Releases This Week

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This week’s new home release include horror The Possession of Hanah Grace, family film sequel Ralph Breaks The Internet and period drama Mary Queen of Scots.

Buy The Possession of Hannah Grace At Amazon US

The Possession of Hanna Grace stars Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars) and is available now here’s the synopsis.

After a stint in rehab, a former police officer begins to question her sanity when she takes on a graveyard shift job at the local morgue. The intake of misshapen female cadaver sets off a series of strange and violent events that confirm the existence of true evil right under her nose. The cadaver, a product of a botched exorcism, is carrying the spirit of a ruthless and evil entity.

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Ralph Breaks The Internet is an animated film starring John C. Reilly (Stan & Ollie) and Sarah Silverman (Bob’s Burgers) here’s the synopsis.

Ralph and Penelope are faced with a new challenge when they begin the search for a spare part to fix a beloved videogame: how to navigate the internet. When trying to fix Sugar Rush the pair become engrossed in the World Wide Web after a router is plugged into the local arcade space, forcing them to find a wheel to replace the router with and get the arcade up and running again. Traversing through this new, technological landscape won’t be easy, with the duo coming across new worlds, cultures, and characters that present difficulties along the way.

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Mary Queen of Scots stars Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie star in this period drama.

Two of the most famous queens in all of history were more than just friends, they were bound by something more and became sisters in a way. In the time of male rulers in Great Britain, two women were to become leaders of their people. But only one crown was reserved for the monarchy of Great Britain. Queen Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots show in this action and drama filled movie, how the actions of one would effect the other in world where men almost always reigned and what would eventually be one the greatest known rivalries.

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