New Interview for Naya Rivera Dishing all things ‘Glee’


Here is a new interview for Glee‘s Naya Rivera. She gives the scoop on all things Glee!


As previously noted, Naya Rivera is the best part of Glee this season, even if she hasn’t been in every episode. Santana spent a lot of time offscreen at the University of Louisville, returning to Lima every once in a while to do something sad, like break up with Brittany or star in McKinley’s production of Grease. Fortunately, she’s still the queen of bitch-slappery. And she’s also gotten to bust out more Tina Turner, improve Alicia Keys’s “Girl on Fire,” and — finally — move to New York. Vulture rang up Rivera, who is currently working on a solo album, to talk about the backlash from fans still unhappy about the Brittana split, and what it’s been like behind the scenes of Glee’s revamped fourth season. Plus: her thoughts on Finn’s unfortunate new wardrobe and cuckoo Quinn.

Did you talk to the writers about why Santana and Brittany needed a time-out?
You know, I haven’t spoken to them about why, but I felt like it was just the natural choice. Brittany is obviously still in high school and Santana has now moved to New York. And they’ve been exploring the long-distance thing with — I’m gonna say it — Klaine, but not for Brittany and Santana. I like that so far.

Careful now. I agree that Santana needs her own story lines that have nothing to do with her love life. It took long enough getting her to New York!
It took a long time. [Laughs.] There were just some loose ends to tie up in Ohio.

What will she be up to?
They’re going to start telling her New York story and what she does for a living and what she wants to do for a career. There will be a couple of episodes that will heavily deal with that.

And what does she want to do?
I mean, she’s got a regular job that I think she thought would be able to let her perform, but it doesn’t work out that way.

Are you happier now that Santana’s not floating alone in Louisville?
I am! I love that she’s in New York, now. I love the dynamic between Kurt and Rachel and Santana. They all really complement each other because they’re so different. Plus, I get to wear the most comfortable clothes. I was either barefoot or in slippers for the entire episode.

This season’s been radically different from the first three. Has it felt like a different show behind the scenes?
It does feel like a different show and sometimes I get really sad about it. We shoot on the same soundstage, but there’s this big door that separates the two worlds, so on my lunch breaks I’ll go over there and see [Kevin McHale] and [Jenna Ushkowitz] and everybody I haven’t seen, like, “I miss you guys! What are you doing?” I have no idea what they’re doing! I have no idea about the gossip and drama with the new kids! I feel like I’ve really grown up because we used to have all that stuff and now we don’t.

It’s funny because Lea and I have been getting insanely jealous of the new New Directions because at the end of every episode they get to do a fun number where they just, like, run around. Like, free-form rock-out! We never got to do that!

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