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Inside-Out-2015Inside Out: Everyone has a story about life, growing up and feeling the pain of losing a friend whose family uprooted and left to parts-unknown. Some can share those feelings of joy, fear, sadness and eagerness from personal experiences. One such person is a young girl who struggles to find herself in a new city, San Francisco. What would it be like if you could peek inside the mind of a girl who’s guided her by emotions…emotions that happen to live in an imaginary place called “Headquarters”? When turmoil breaks out in Headquarters, will she be able to gain control and learn to navigate her new, strange environment?

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Digging-for-Fire-2015Digging For Fire: A sedate couple with a stale marriage find an old gun and a bone that catapult them into a madcap investigation with an ensemble of quirky people. Although the provocative clues captivate some of the partying friends more than others, they become a means of focusing the challenges that the school teacher and his wife face. The couple’s vacation goes from normal to strange as the husband begins to theorize about the possibility that there are bodies in the hillside. With a blend of humor and seriousness, the film takes on everything from marriage to the meaning of life.

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Vacation: Rusty Griswald had visited Walley World with his parents and sister years earlier, in a vacation that didn’t go particularly well. Now an adult, Rusty wants to take his wife and two children on another vacation to what is known as America’s coolest theme park, which will soon be closing. Rusty’s cross-country road trip will include a visit with his sister Audrey, who is now married to a rich man that his brother-in-law comes to despise. This will turn out to be another trip for Rusty that doesn’t go well!

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The Final Girls: Max and her friends hesitantly went to a tribute screening of a notorious 80s slasher film that starred Max’s now deceased mother. When they start watching the flick, they’re accidentally swept inside the screen. They soon figure out that they’re stuck in the cult classic movie and have to team up with the fictional and doomed camp counselors, which includes Max’s mom, to defeat the movie’s masked killer. With the body count rising from scene to scene, it’s uncertain who will remain and live to get out of this film.

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She’s Funny That Way: Isabella “Izzy” Beatty, a former prostitute turned Broadway actress, can’t quite seem to shake her old life. The two sides of her are repeatedly forced to cross over when not only does the writer of the play-within-the-film A Grecian Evening fall in love with her (despite the fact that he’s dating her therapist), the director of the play hires her as an escort (despite being married to the star of the play).

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Before We Go: A woman travels the streets of New York in an attempt to make it home before her husband does. After missing the last train, she meets up with a street musician who helps guide her on the journey. As they traverse the streets of New York, the two open to each other about life, love, and their future. A romantic interest builds between the two as night goes on and their bond grows stronger.

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