New Poster for ‘After Earth’ Featuring Will and Jaden Smith


Here is the new poster for After Earth, featuring father-son duo – Will Smith and Jaden Smith.

After Earth

Will Smith stars alongside his son Jaden Smith in M. Night Shyamalan’s post-apocalyptic sci-fi After Earth, playing – you guessed it – father and son, and there’s a new international poster online to prove it.

A sort of post-apocalyptic Croods, the Raiges, Kitai (Jaden) and his famed father Cypher (Will), are stranded on a desolate Earth 1000 years after a fatal cataclysm had reduced the place to a wilderness. The plane crash that brought them there has left dad injured though, and Kitai is forced to embark on a dangerous mission to find help through the perilous landscape.

Interestingly, Shyamalan’s name isn’t anywhere near as prominent as it has been on previous film posters – like, say, The Last Airbender – with the star power of The Smiths leading the way (as well as a lush rainforest, of course).

Though the poster doesn’t happen to say so, After Earth is out on June 7.

Source: Empire