New Promotional Photos for Pretty Little Liars


New promotional photos for Pretty Little Liars have been released. Take a look below to see what the liars have been up to during the 5 year time jump into the upcoming season.




Aria is returning to Rosewood with a new boyfriend (her co-worker, Liam), and a job in publishing, which reunites her with Ezra (Ian Harding). “They start working together,” Hale teased, with Harding revealing fans will be seeing a completely different Ezra post time-jump. After a tragedy, Ezra has “no sense of who he is and what he’s supposed to be doing with his life” and turns to alcohol to cope.



After graduating from Georgetown, Spencer now works on Capitol Hill and is a lobbyist/”glorified coffee-gofer” with “high political aspirations,” Bellisario revealed, adding that the distance was too much for Spencer and Toby (Keegan Allen), who stayed in Rosewood and on the police force. (Her mother is running for Senate, BTW!) Toby inherited “a lot of money” after his house was blown up by “A,” and chose to buy acres of land outside of Rosewood to “start building his dream home,” Allen said, adding he saves a woman named Yvonne who will be “an important person in the story and in his life.”



Hanna’s engaged…but not to Caleb (Tyler Blackburn)! After landing a job in the fashion industry, “Things didn’t really quite work out with her and Caleb,” Benson previews. “She was always gone a lot traveling, she didn’t really make time for her relationship.” After their split, Hanna met her fiancée in Europe. As for Caleb? He’s  grown very close to Toby and will experience “anxiety” over seeing Hanna again.



Wanting to get as far away from Rosewood as possible, Emily went to California as it “always held a special place in her heart,” Shay Mitchell spilled. But after the tragic death of her father, she dropped out of school. “It was too much for her,” Mitchell explained. “She starts bartending in California.” Fans can expect Emily to be the most “damaged” by the past of all the girls, and will return to town with “the biggest baggage,” King teased.



Now happily and secretly with Dr. Owen (her sis’ doc, how scandalous!) and teaching at Rosewood High, Alison has bonded a lot with Charlotte (aka A), which leads to Alison asking the four girls to come back to town and testify that they no longer feel threatened by their former tormentor. “The girls don’t want to do it, but they feel an allegiance to their friend, to each other,” Bellisario said.

Source: Eonline