‘Once Upon a Time’ Scoop and Casting News!


TV Line has some exciting scoop and casting news for the return of Once Upon a Time with the addition of actress Sonequa Martin-Green.


TVLine has learned that the actress, whose TV credits include The Walking Dead and The Good Wife, will appear this season in multiple episodes as Tamara. No further details on the character were made available, though TVLine’s previous intel indicates that Once was initially angling to cast an African-American with a British accent in the part, and that Tamara could spill over into Season 3 of the ABC drama.

TV Line also caught up with OUAT‘s Prince Charming Josh Dallas who provided some scoop!


TVLINE | When Charming got stuck in the sleeping spell, my first thought was, “Oh, I guess Josh just got a couple of weeks off.”

Yeah, when I read that script, I was like, “Oh, OK, another sleeping curse. Good thing I did Coma Acting 101 in college” – which I also got to use in the first couple of episodes in Season 1!

Captain Hook and Cora are now in Storybrooke, but their respective adversaries are Rumplestiltskin and Regina, which will likely keep those two distracted. Is now the time for Snow and Charming to finally be happy?

With all great, epic love stories, there are always obstacles thrown in front of the lovers, all of the time — and particularly with our show. And I think certainly in the case of Snow and Charming, that will continue to happen throughout the series. But at the moment, now that they’ve gotten back together and they’re both in Storybrooke, there is time to breathe and think about where they are, who they are, what their relationship was and what it can be now, where they belong….

TVLINE | “Do they expand their family? And what are the ramifications if any of another ‘true love’ baby?”

Yeah. There are all those kind of questions going on. Of course, there are things happening in Storybrooke that the Charming family has to deal with first. Besides Cora and Hook showing up, we have something else that’s happening that needs the family’s attention. There are things that are going on that prevent them from kind of really taking that time [to relax], but they find their way around it and start talking about their future.

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