‘Once Upon A Time’s’ Jennifer Morrison and Ginnifer Goodwin Discuss Upcoming Plot Twists


TV Line had the chance to chat with Once Upon a Time cast members Jennifer Morrison and Ginnifer Goodwin about plot twists we may see in the future. Here is some of their interview.

TVLINE | How different was it for you two, shooting this stretch of Season 2 versus Season 1? You’re split off from half the cast, working with new people, shooting almost exclusively outdoors versus on a cozy set….
JENNIFER MORRISON | We got really good at putting HotShots [hand warmers] inside our clothes so we didn’t freeze to death. [Laughs] I mean, it felt the same because we had each other, in my mind, and it felt almost like we were doing a new show together or something, because we were with two new people in a whole different situation.
GINNIFER GOODWIN | And in a world that Emma had never been in before.
MORRISON | Yeah. And even though Snow had been there, it was so different now. So everything was new for all of us, in certain ways, but I thought it was really fun.
GOODWIN | Me, too.
MORRISON | We had a lot of fun with Sarah [Bolger] and Jamie [Chung]. Like our little “gang.”
GOODWIN | How often do you get four actresses together, by the way, who really want to work together every day?
MORRISON | Really like each other. Yeah.
GOODWIN | My wish at the end of last season, once I understood that the curse was going to be broken, was to focus on the relationship between Snow White and Emma, so I got my wish as we were thrust into a world where all our characters could do is readjust to the new dynamic and learn about each other while facing external obstacles and not have to be some kind of self-indulgent family time.

TVLINE | All of which brings us to the midseason finale. So, Aurora’s now some two-way radio kind of thing? Almost like that squicky eyeball ring fromBeastmaster?
GOODWIN | Yes! I forgot about that movie; that’s hilarious. Yes, now the four of us are back together and we are going to Rumplestiltskin’s cell to get the squid ink.
MORRISON | And Cora has Aurora’s heart, so she’s acting like her puppet.

TVLINE | Is there an extra fire in the ladies’ belly now that Charming is in stuck in the sleeping spell? Reason than ever to race back to Storybrooke?

MORRISON | They just keep adding more and more reasons to feel the pressure to get back, for sure.
GOODWIN | Ogres and zombies and stolen hearts and Charming and…
MORRISON | And that justifies Snow literally taking an arrow to Mulan. It’s life-or-death at this point.

TVLINE | Ginny, have you come out of this better at archery than Jen has at sword-fighting?
MORRISON | I sword-fight in [the midseason finale].
GOODWIN | And that was awesome. I think I’m very cocky about my fake archery skills. It’s something that I did as a child, and when I have shot real arrows, they go where we need them to. But there are safety rules on set, so if someone’s in front of me, I can’t use a real arrow.

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