“Outlander” Announces New Cast Members


Outlander has two new cast members with the roles of Joe Abernathy and Young Ian announced today as belonging to Wil Johnson and John Bell, respectively.

Joe Abernathy is described as “a fellow doctor-in-training whom Claire befriends in medical school. Intelligent, charismatic, with a wry and irreverent sense of humor, Joe is a loyal confidant with great affection for Claire. He puts on a good face, but he is all too aware of his place in the Civil Rights era. Joe and Claire both feel out of place in the mostly all-white, all-male medical field, which bonds them together in a life-long friendship.”

Young Ian is described as “a tall, gangly Scottish lad with a heart of gold” but also a rare ability to always get into trouble.”  Viewers will first meet him as a young boy in the upcoming season based on the book, Voyager.

This is exciting news because it gets us one step closer to the end of Droughtlander!

Source: TVLine