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Pablo Schreiber Cast In ‘American Gods’, Joins Indie ‘Thumper’


Pablo Screiber has been cast in American Gods and Thumper!


Pablo Schreiber (The Brink, Orange Is the New Black) is set for the key role of Mad Sweeney in American Gods, Starz’s upcoming straight-to-series adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed contemporary fantasy novel, which is filming in Toronto. Additionally, the Emmy-nominated actor is set for one of the leads in the indie Thumper, executive produced by Cary Fukanaga.

On American Gods, Schreiber replaces British actor Sean Harris who had to pull out for personal reasons after a week of shooting.

The series chronicles a war that is brewing between old and new gods: the traditional gods of mythological roots from around the world steadily losing believers to an upstart pantheon of gods reflecting society’s modern love of money, technology, media, celebrity and drugs. Its protagonist, Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle), is an ex-con who becomes bodyguard and traveling partner to Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane), a conman who in reality is one of the older gods, on a cross-country mission to gather his forces in preparation to battle the new deities.

Mad Sweeney is a down on his luck leprechaun, who is having a hard time understanding how he lost his charm and way. Always up for a good fight, Sweeney is never deprived while in the employment of Mr. Wednesday.

Thumper, directed by Jordan Ross (True Life) centers around a young undercover police officer (Eliza Taylor) out to bust a drug ring in a local high school, but she becomes emotionally involved and her sympathy for the have-not kids might just get her killed.

Schreiber plays Wyatt, a feared drug dealer who supplies the local school. A married father of two and an Iraqi war vet, he is combat-hardened and menacing but also suffers from PTSD and pops pills to quell his fears and anxiety. When he learns he’s the target of a narc, he’s ready to kill without compunction. Lena Headey, Daniel Webber, Jazzy De Lisser, Brett Rice and Ben Feldman also star.

Source: Deadline