Paulo Costanzo joins ‘Designated Survivor’ as series regular


Paulo Costanzo has joined Designated Survivor as a series regular!

Former Royal Pains star Paulo Costanzo has been cast as a series regular opposite Kiefer Sutherland in Season 2 of ABC’s drama series Designated Survivor, from the Mark Gordon Company and ABC Studios.

Costanzo will play Lyor Boone, the new White House Political Director, a whiz kid brought on by Emily (Italia Ricci) to help a presidency struggling with its messaging and political strategy. President Kirkman (Sutherland) has mixed feelings about Lyor; his talent and value are undeniable, but Kirkman uneasily embraces the necessity of a wheeling-and dealing next-gen political operator. Lyor’s cynicism inevitably will clash with Kirkman’s idealism, but Lyor’s big selling point is one that Kirkman cannot deny: If Kirkman wants Americans to believe in their government again, they first have to believe in Tom Kirkman. And Lyor can help with that. Lyor is Kirkman’s guide on his journey from outsider to insider.

Source: Deadline