Penelope Cruz Attached to Star in The Film Adaption of ‘Layover’ by Lisa Zeidner



Deadline reports Penelope Cruz is attached to portray Claire Newbold, the main character for the novel Layover by Lisa Zeidner. Toni Kalem is writing and directing the adaptation. While the bid for international rights will take place in Cannes Film Festival on May 2016.

You can read the synopsis of Layover below:

The book centers on Claire Newbold, a successful traveling saleswoman who decides to go on the lam from her life. She develops elaborate scams for sneaking into hotel rooms, alone or with a guest, and a passion for swimming in their pools. A master of reinvention, she is fierce, funny and falling apart, and the story follows the atypical heroine as she goes off the deep end, and has to find her way back to shore.