Pretty Little Liars: Caleb Meets Hanna’s Fiancée


Check out the exclusive first look of Caleb meeting Hanna’s fiancée, Jordan, for the first time!

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers

Finding out Hanna is engaged to someone other than Caleb was heartbreaking enough for Pretty Little Liars fans, but actually seeing her two men meet for the first time? That’s going to be uncomfortable for everybody.

Jordan — aka Hanna’s fiancé, played by Australian actor David Coussins — is introduced in Tuesday’s episode.

“There’s a lot of awkwardness in 6B, especially in the first half as people are returning to Rosewood and reuniting,” executive producer Marlene King recently told TVLine. “Old habits die hard, so when you put all these characters back together in this small town, there’s going to be conflict. There’s love, but there’s also tension.” 

Source: TV Line