‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 4 Reveals



“Pretty Little Liars” Season 3 came to a dramatic conclusion Tuesday night (March 19), when the girls thought they figured out who Red Coat is … and maybe found a body in a trunk? Executive producer Oliver Goldstick tells Zap2it what viewers can look forward to in Season 4.

Shana played a major role in the finale — are we to assume that she is an NAT club member?

“We don’t know that yet. We do know she has a connection to Jenna. Jenna, for a person who was blind and using a white stick to get around, was getting around more than anybody. She often left very abruptly, zipped off in cars with darkened windows. There was an allusion in an earlier episode … that she may not be alone. So the idea is that Jenna and Shana’s friendship may reach back further than we thought. Shana is an adjunct to the possible team of people who would like to see the girls suffer.”

Will the Shana/Jenna/Melissa alliance be explored in Season 4?

“Yes. It’s a huge quesiton for our girls. What Emily heard and witnessed was revelatory for our girls. These three are connected now, we need to know what the alliance is about.”

The big reveal is that the girls think that Red Coat is Alison. A lot of viewers think that it’s actually Alison’s twin (as per the books). Can you comment on that?

“I can’t say anything about that. Fans of the books are right on top of that. We’ve always paid certain allegiance to the books, and yet deviated for our own creative license. So they can believe that, but I will not sanction it, let’s put it that way.”

We interviewed Troian Bellisario before the finale, who teased that the contents of the trunk will be revealed right away in Season 4 — a lot of people think it’s a body. Can you confirm or deny that?

“I can’t confirm it, but damn, it’s Rosewood! What else? It’s not a bowling ball! [laughs].”

A lot of viewers were very excited about Toby and Spencer being reunited. Is Toby Spencer’s soulmate?

“Yeah, we’re still going with that, because he is. Toby was genuine in his mission about why he joined the A Team, what he was trying to get at, to protect her. But we have a really interesting Season 4 arc for Toby, where he gets sucked back into the world of A, the web. Because A has something about his past that is emotional, it’s a great storyline for him. Toby is not done with A.”

Speaking of someone that is maybe not done with A, are we going to see more of Lucas in Season 4? We haven’t seen him in a while.

“Yeah, Lucas kind of dropped out. We will see him but not right away. He gave up a lot of information, so he’s not a very trustworthy minion for A. He gave up too much, he’s weak! In A’s eyes, not in my eyes. In A’s eyes, he’s not someone who can be trusted. We had to bench him, so to speak.”

Right before the finale, Wren took kind of a dark turn in Radley, but then we didn’t see him in the finale. What role will Wren play in Season 4?

“Good question. Wren and Cece both will return. Not right away, but with Wren, it’s fun for us to remind the audience your first impression of this person. Don’t forget who he was in the first couple episodes, where he cheated on his fiancee with her little sister. He’s a flawed character. We’ve come to like him, he’s helped our girls when they were in trouble a couple times … but the fact of the matter is, he’s not someone we should trust. We should still keep him at arm’s length and look at askance, because he came into our world as a cheater.”

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