Quibi Show THANKS A MILLION Adds Jennifer Lopez, Kristen Bell & Tracy Morgan


Quibi show Thanks A Million has revealed a number of celebrity guest stars ahead of its launch.

Each episode of Thanks a Million will feature grateful public figures kickstarting a chain of kindness by gifting $100,000 to an unsuspecting individual who has had a positive impact on their lives. The recipient must then pay it forward by gifting half of that sum to someone else who has done the same, and the chain continues. Across ten episodes, $1,000,000 will be put in the hands of everyday people.

Jennifer Lopez, Kristen Bell, Tracy Morgan, Karlie Kloss, Aaron Rodgers and Alex Rodriguez have been set to lead individual episodes of the series.

Thanks a Million will be produced by Lopez’s Nuyorican Productions and Industrial Media’s B-17 Entertainment in association with Universal Alternative Television Studio. 

SOURCE: Deadline.com