Rebecca Mader joins ‘Once Upon a Time’ season 7


Wicked is back. Rebecca Mader is returning for season 7 of Once Upon a Time!

Finally, the moment you were hoping would come (as a certain song goes) — Rebecca Mader is returning to ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

TVLine has learned exclusively that the onetime series regular is set to return for multiple Season 7 episodes. No further details could be confirmed at this time — including whether she again will be playing Regina’s sister Zelena aka the Wicked Witch.

“I am beyond thrilled to be returning to make magic with my beloved Once Upon a Time family,” Mader, who made her debut on the fantasy series midway through Season 3, tells TVLine. “I’m excited for this next chapter.”

Busting out the Oz empress’ motto-turned-musical episode solo title, she adds/reminds: “Wicked always wins!”

Source: TV Line