‘Red 2’ Poster Debuts Starring Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker, & Catherine Zeta-Jones


Here is the new ‘Red 2’ cast poster from Moviefone. ‘Red 2’ stars Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker, Catherine Zeta-Jones, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Anthony Hopkins, and Byung Hun Lee.

Red 2 Poster

They may be retired, but games of shuffleboard are hardly in their future.

Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Anthony Hopkins look ready for action in this new, exclusive poster for “Red 2.” With guns, handcuffs, and rocket launchers (what?!) in hand, the cast of the action-comedy sequel is clearly prepared to take on anyone who gets in their way.

Red 2” — the follow up to 2010’s “Red” — follows retired CIA agent Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) as he reunites with a semi-retired team of government operatives and begins a global quest to track down a missing nuclear device.

Check out the trailer below. “Red 2” hits theaters July 19.

Source: Moviefone