Salty Season 10 of Great British Baking Show


We’re sharing our take after The Great British Baking Show’s season 10 finale! Haven’t quite caught up on the adventures from the tent this season? Beware of spoilers below!

The Great British Baking Show switched things up this season for those of us streaming from across the pond – with shows released weekly on Netflix. We’ll have to wait for next season to find out whether the show sticks with this format. (Personally, I’d rather binge the entire season over a weekend than try to keep up with weekly episodes – but now that the season is over viewers can watch and rewatch as they please.) Other than the new streaming schedule, the show’s format, hosts, and judges were all familiar from season 9. 

As for this season’s bakers, several of the younger contestants quickly became fan favorites – including Henry and Michael, who both stayed in the competition for most of the season. But the overall level of competition seemed lower than in previous seasons. Episode after episode, the Prue and Paul expressed disappointment in the quality of bakes presented. Even bakers who seemed to scrape by episode after episode faired just a bit better than the competitor who was sent home. (Rosie, who ultimately made it all the way to the semi-final after four weeks at the bottom of the judges’ list, comes to mind.) In several episodes, star baker seemed more a choice of whose performance was the least lacking rather than a selection from several stand-out talents. 

Of course – all of these competitors could bake. But were the challenges set this season too extreme? Or did this group truly have fewer stars?

Going into the final, Steph had been named star baker an incredible four times (across nine episodes!), and Alice had taken the title twice. Odds were on either of these talented bakers to take the cake for the final show. David was the dark horse going into the last competition, but he had proved himself to be far better under pressure than either of his tent mates. For Alice and Steph, it seemed the reality of being among the last bakers standing was enough to throw them off their game. David was ultimately the competition’s winner, despite never being named star baker during the season – a first since the show introduced the weekly accolade. But no one could question that he deserved the win, being the only baker in the tent to keep his cool as the pressure rose. 

Overall – season 10 was fun, full of shenanigans, and totally binge-worthy. But it was lacking some of those jaw-dropping moments from season 9, where the judges consistently praised Rahul’s flavors and Kim-Joys artistic creations. And at times it was a bit stressful to watch. Honestly – it’s understandable when one contestant is reduced to tears by a particularly difficult technical challenge, but when multiple contestants are crying during the competition Bake Off becomes a different show entirely. Let’s hope next season is a little less salty and a bit more sweet. For the sake of the bakers and the viewers.