Sam Rockwell To Star In ‘Blue Iguana’


Sam Rockwell has been cast in Blue Iguana!

sam rockwell

Sam Rockwell has signed to star in Blue Iguana, a comedy feature from writer-director Hadi Hajaig, who last helmed the Charlotte Rampling-Sean Bean thriller Cleanskin. The project, which will be financed by UK Film Studio Productions, will start principal photography in London in July. Hajaig also produces with 3 Arts Entertainment’s Tom Lassally, who is also working on the Edge of Tomorrow sequel at Warner Bros.

An offbeat story about lying, stealing and shooting, Blue Iguana is described as a black comedy about two outcasts who fall in love in the strangest of circumstances.

“It’s a film that has a fun, naive and playful spirit that harkens back to movies like Jonathan Demme’s Something Wild,” Hajaig told Deadline from London. “It has a lot of action and a lot of violence, but it’s really a story about two people falling in love in very odd circumstances.” The filmmaker said he’s so happy that Rockwell is aboard. “Sam’s one of the most outstanding actors working today. Sam’s an actors’ actor who has strong comedic timing but also can turn at a flip of a coin into someone else. The role he plays is an outcast — as is his love interest — and when they meet, they spark each other. They come to life and end up doing things that they wouldn’t do ordinarily have done before.” The Blue Iguana refers to a coveted diamond.

Source: Deadline