Samuel L Jackson Set To Appear In CAPTAIN MARVEL


It seems all but confirmed that Samuel L Jackson is to reprise his iconic Marvel Cinematic Universe role in the upcoming film Captain Marvel.

There have been rumours buzzing around recently that we would see the return of the former head of SHIELD and super spy Nick Fury in Captain Marvel after last being seen in 2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Danvers debuted in 1968 as a human companion to the original Captain Marvel (the space alien Mar-Vell), the sixth character to use that title in the comics. She developed super powers of her own in a mid-’70s storyline and was given her own title, Ms. Marvel, in 1977. She was named Marvel’s official Captain Marvel in 2012 in tribute to the original, killed off via cancer in a 1982 graphic novel, with the Ms. Marvel moniker going to Kamala Khan, Marvel’s first headlining Muslim character.