Sarah Shahi Cast in Nancy Drew Pilot


Sarah Shahi has been cast in the Nancy Drew Pilot currently percolating at CBS.


Now I was a Hardy Boys fans myself – those were the books I was raised on, but even I knew how incredibly popular the Nancy Drew series of books were even if I never read one.  So like many other bibliophiles, I was surprised when I heard that Nancy would be in her 30s and an NYPD cop. But many shows over the year have been surprises, so I for one will give this a chance.

Sarah Shahi is coming off an excellent run on CBS’ own Person Of Interest so perhaps the network wanted to keep talent on the show. Here’s the synopsis:

Nancy grew up solving crimes with her two childhood girlfriends, Bess and George. CBS’ take finds Nancy joining the NYPD after college, where she was named the youngest female NYPD homicide detective. She was a star — until she arrested the wrong guy, was publicly called on it and quit the force.