Sci-Fi SKATE GOD Adds Chloe Bridges In Major Role


Chloe Bridges (Daytime Divas) is boarding the dystopian Sci-Fi film Skate God.

Skate God is set in a futuristic world and centers on a skater played by Luke Benward. He discovers he is a descendant of the Greek god Zephyrus and is thrust into a battle with a society led by Ryan Cooper (“Rough Night”) that wants to take over the outside earth. Celeste Desjardins will play the goddess love interest in the film.

Bridges will play villain Azura in the film directed by Alexander Garcia. Skate God also stars Peter Fonda, Evan Ross, Osric Chau, Lauren Mayhew, Nathan Gamble, Gabriela Lopez, Daniel Pinder, Lolita Davidovich, and YouTube star-pro skater Chad Tepper.

The project seems to heavily feature skating as theme with the inclusion pro skaters Tony Hawk, Chad Fernandez, Leticia Bufoni, Garrett Hill, Corey Duffel, David Gonzalez, Diego Najera, William Spencer, Reuben Najera, Moose, and Tony Alva.